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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Still Sparking

I was sorting music on the PC, and found an old Sparks track (I was a fan in the early-mid 70s). Having also recently seen a more recent Sparks video on Rage, I decided to go for a quick web-nosey, finding a few things that took me back. Surprised to find the boys are still going strong (stronger than ever, by some accounts), I arrived at their official site. (I was never a big fan of electronic pop - theirs or anyone else's - so although I'm not falling over myself to discover their latest stuff, I admit to being curious about the favourably-reviewed Lil' Beethoven.)

Now, I have more than a passing interest in retro, so this site caught my eye. A natty Flash home page (Flash doesn't usually impress me all that much) provided a few moments' amusement in the company of an old typewriter. Clicketty-clack.