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Friday, August 31, 2007

Toe in the water

OK, I'm in. The wonderful world of blogging beckoned, and I heeded the call. How far will it go? How long will it last? Will I (or anyone else) regret it?

It's the end of another working week, and quite glad I am. It was a good end, as it happens, not the usual, T-G-I-F, drag myself home, thankful it's all over. I had just lodged the final two loan applications of the month, scoring a new high total. One last phone call and email, and then home for a good meal (home-cooked, as always). Pasta bolognese, with not a mushroom or sprig of rosemary in sight; delicious.

An interesting package was waiting for me, containing the seeds of a new venture; I opened it, placed the wad of pages into the binder, read the first few, and felt a frisson, with the promise of a new direction. I'm looking forward to tackling the work, and doing so in quick time, with dramatic results. Hope I'm not disappointed.

School bored me; I got through it well enough, but never actually enjoyed it. I did, however, enjoy burning my exercise books at the end of 6th year (Year 12, if you are outside Scotland). College was thankfully short on lectures, but those I did have to sit through really challenged my ability to stay awake. The first educational experience that I positively enjoyed was at the age of 37, when I took a week-long course in copy-editing and proof-reading (it's the 'pedantic' gene, you know). The search for perfection in words - I loved it. Still can't read a book or newspaper (or website), without noting extra spaces between words, wrong use of the apostrophe, or any of a myriad misuses of the language. So, my intended new direction ... it involves words and writing, so should feed that part of my psyche which revels in the written form. Will it come to fruition? Time will tell, but I intend to be well on the way by Christmas. I really fancy a New Year worthy of the name, one that heralds a significant change in lifestyle and fortune. Watch this space.

Decent Exposure? Well, you've got to be decent, and you have to expose yourself to life's opportunities. Also, if your photographs are to be any good, you need ... decent exposure. Easy with modern, all-singing, all-dancing, electronic instant feedback digital cameras, but try a pinhole camera; you need to use the old grey matter there - or perhaps a Weston Master III.

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