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Friday, June 13, 2008

Dangerous boxing

Just suppose for a minute ... what if - what if - Pandora's Box had contained Schrödinger's Cat. What then?


And when you've done with that, suppose Heisenberg had been a banker instead of a physicist. Would we all be more uptight about money, or less so? What's a few quid, between friends?


Yes folks, I've been reading 'What the bleep do we know?' and such questions arise as a result. I put it to you that such questions are no more bizarre than those raised by quantum mechanics, such as 'How many places can a particle be at one time?'

I started it as a bedtime book, but it's proving difficult to keep on track of such substantial topics at that end of the day, so the daylight hours will have to do. For example, one of today's revelations was that one cubic centimetre of empty space is now understood to contain more energy than all of the matter in the known Universe. If one understands anything about Einstein's E=mc2, it should come as some surprise that matter, which is equivalent to prodigious amounts of energy, is dwarfed in the oomph department by ... lack of matter. As Zaphod said: 'Put your analyst on danger money, baby.'

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