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Monday, June 2, 2008

Wild dreams

You know that dramatic/elusive quality that dreams can have? You have an extraordinarily vivid nocturnal experience, full of bizarre and surreal goings-on, and yet come morning, there is just a tantalising wisp remaining. Like a word on the tip of your tongue, you may almost be able to recall what it was that was such fun (assuming it was fun), but the more you probe, the fainter the recollection becomes. So frustrating, it could drive you to distraction. Well, the guys at xkcd obviously recognise this situation, and have illustrated it quite succinctly; glad I have my dreams though!

Here's the full image.


Anonymous said...

theyre gorgeous at that site

Duncan said...

Gorgeous? Talented, wacky, surprising, dangerous in the presence of mechanical things with more than 7 moving parts (some pointy); all these are plausible. Gorgeous, I couldn't comment on ;-)