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Monday, June 30, 2008

Looking for yourself

Sources close to SWMBO were amusing themselves by entering their name into Google, along with "needs". Not to be outdone, I dipped my toe into the pond as well. "Duncan needs" brought the following results, among others:

  • mental evaluation
  • a haircut
  • ample social stimulation
  • an out-of-county jury
  • Better Lawyers
  • no explanation
  • to wake the f**k up
The sobering thing is that many of these are, or have been, true to some extent. The best, however, is probably:
  • Duncan needs to take a lesson from the immature kids like Dwight Howard and put on a Superman cape
Now, show me someone who wouldn't benefit from doing just that, and I'll show you someone who has grown up, poor sod!

Over to you now; go and find out what you need, then share it here. Also works with "XXX eats", XXX looks like", and so on.


Mya said...

Mya needs
* a date
* to take her own advise
* To shut up and get a modelling contract already
* to trim that bush
* implants

All too true hehe....

Duncan said...

Thank you so much for owning up! Next step is to pick someone you know, research them in the same way, then send off an email with all the news - and if you're feeling keen, set up a Wikipedia entry: "Look what it says about you on Wiki..."

Thinks: wonder what it says about Della Bosca & Neal?

Heather said...

Hey honey, I've tagged you! Come on over to my blog to check out what you have to do.